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The Think+DO Tank Foundation Impact Tool is a data visualisation tool created for the Think+DO Tank Foundation to visualise their work and impact on their community. The interaction of the tool focuses on three unique data visualisation pillars representing three core pillars of Think+DO Tank's branding: 'Power', 'Connection' and 'Possibility'.

The tool also links to existing Youtube and Vimeo video media to incorporate and include community testimonial in the visualisation. All of this is powered by a custom backend system that allows for expansion and live data updates via Google Sheets.

A live demo of the tool can be seen here.

The tool was made by Dimpal Makwana, Eloise Myatt, Jane Hoang and I in collaboration with Think+DO Tank as part of UTS VC Socially Responsive Design 2021. I was involved with the Javascript and P5.js programming, as well as the data visualisation and structure refinement.

Each screen of the visualisation transitions seamlessly in and out of focus of a complete picture, representational of the work of Think+DO Tank. Scenes are created generatively based on data fed into the system.

We went through an extensive iteration phase, rapidly and collaboratively refining designs in the time we had over mindmapping systems such as Miro. Though we each had specialised skills, we all took part in the core concept and mockup design process.

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